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How to write quiz questions
How to write quiz questions
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TL:DR Write 7 questions with one answer choice per question that represents each result of your quiz

Step 1: Write 7 questions directed at one person The purpose of your questions is to guide your quiz takers to one of the results, which are the personalities of your quiz. When you write your questions, you should write them to one individual person, as if you were asking the questions to that person in real life. 

Remember that a quiz is written 

Step 2: Write one answer choice that represents each quiz result for each question. This is how you make the quiz accurate so people get the result they should get. So every question should have one answer choice that represents each of the results. For example.

If the question is: What one word best describes you?

And your 3 result options are: Eccentric, Classic, and Minimalist

Your three answer choices would be:

  1. Loud (representing eccentric)

  2. Timeless (representing classic)

  3. Efficient (representing minimalist)

Step 3: Correlate each answer choice to the appropriate result. Click "edit result correlations" and connect each answer choice to the result it represents

Advanced option: Branching logic, this is conditional logic where questions are dependent on each other, if you'd like to see how that works, click here. 

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