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What do I make a quiz about?
What do I make a quiz about?

How to decide what quiz you should make

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If you're not sure what to make a quiz about you are in the right place. Here's how we recommend coming up with what to make your quiz about.

Step 1: Who do you sell to? The first step in deciding what kind of quiz to make is knowing who you sell to. For example, if you are a consultant you might sell to business owners or marketers. If you are a jewelry store you sell to jewelry buyers. If you are a software company you sell to IT workers.

Once you've named your audience, make sure it's a very short name, so one or two words to describe the audience "business owners" "jewelry buyers" "IT workers"

Step 2: Make your quiz title: The title will be in the format "Which (Blank) are You?" or "What Type of (Blank) are You?" where the (Blank) is the name of your audience. So for example "What Type of Business Owner are You?" or "What's Your Jewelry Style?" or "What Kind of IT Worker are You?"

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