Version A & B Are the same for this module: 

Step 1: In the interact quick menu, click "Share & Embed"

Step 2: When prompted, click "publish changes" Don't worry, your quiz is not going live anywhere, we do not use your quiz in any way on our side, it is yours. 

Step 3: Copy the embed code by clicking "Copy Embed Code" when prompted 

Step 4: Paste the embed code into your webpage or landing page builder. I have Wordpress pictured here, but our quizzes can be embedded in to any website builder or landing page platform

Step 5: Publish the blog post or page and your quiz is live!

Action Item:

In interact, navigate to "Share & Embed" then copy and paste the embed code for your quiz onto a page or post on your website and make that page or post live so the quiz is on your website

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