Step 1: In the interact quick menu, navigate to "Questions & Results"

Once you've navigated to Questions and Results, you can switch between different questions and results using the left grey sidebar to click on each question or results

NOTE: With your template we don't recommend changing the questions and results very much, but there are a few specific things to do. Here is a checklist. 

Step 2: For the quiz questions, click through them using the left grey sidebar and make sure they are satisfactory. 

If you are interested in changing any of them, refer to Version B of this module below for best practices on how to write quiz questions

Step 3: For the quiz results, there is one very important thing to add and that is the Call to Action Button for each quiz result. 

The call to action button is a button in the quiz result that links to your website. Because each of the call to action buttons is specific to one quiz result you can link to a blog post that is relevant to that particular quiz result.

To add these buttons, first navigate to one of your quiz results by clicking on one of them in the left grey sidebar

Then you'll see a button in the middle of the page. Click on that button and type in an appropriate title. For my example here, I'm saying that people can click on the button to "Read more about contemplators" because the quiz result is called "Contemplator" However, please note that you don't have to make these buttons super-specific like that. You can make all the buttons say "Schedule a Consultation" if that's what you want people to do.

Now, click the "URL" option that is above the button text you just modified and add the link to the page on your website that you want people to go to.

Now repeat the process for each quiz result by clicking through them using the left grey sidebar to select each result and add a button to each one.

Step 4: Check to make sure the quiz results are satisfactory. 

I recommend taking the same approach as with the questions and leaving most of the content the same as it is in the template. If you want to change the results, refer to Version B of this course below for best practices on writing quiz results.

Action Items: Module 3

  1. In interact check to make sure your template questions are satisfactory
  2. In interact add call to action buttons to each quiz result and include the links
  3. In interact check to make sure your quiz results are satisfactory

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Version B: (Custom) The Advanced Version Creating a Custom Quiz From Scratch

Once someone has completed all the questions of your quiz and opted in (which we'll go over in Module 4), they will reach their quiz result. This is the big reveal, and you'll want to make awesome quiz results to make your quiz as fun and share-able as possible. We've got you covered, and below are the exact rules that create a framework for creating perfect quiz results every time.

Rule #1 Have 4-6 results. 

You want to have enough options for results where people won't always get the same result. However, you don't want to have too many results because you actually do want SOME people to get the same result. The reason you want some people to have the same result is because they will band together in the comments and agree with one another, which is a very positive thing. 

Rule #2 Use result images that represent the result visually

A lot of people won't even read through the full result description, they'll just look at the result title and image. Make sure to include result images that give a full idea of what the result is without needing any further explanation. 

Rule #3 Keep the result descriptions short (3-4 sentences), and always be positive

Quiz results should not be too long. The reason you want to keep them short is because the goal of a quiz is to introduce people to your brand and get them interested in working with you beyond just the quiz. The quiz results themselves should be short and sweet, and then you should use the CTA button, which we'll go over next, to link people back to your site and continue the conversation. 

Results descriptions should also be very positive, even if what you're telling the quiz taker is not the best thing in the world. In order to make sure your results are always positive, think about whatever positive aspects of the outcome you are showing are, then focus on those. For example, if you tell someone they are a beginner marketer, focus on the fact that they haven't formed bad habits yet and the world is full of possibilities, rather than reinforcing the fact that they are a beginner - they already know they lack knowledge, don't rub it in. 

Rule #4 Set up CTA buttons to point to appropriate pages on your website

Each of your quiz results can have its own CTA button that you can create right inside of Interact. With this button, you want to continue the conversation that was started within your quiz. So for example, if your quiz is titled "What Type of Marketer are You?" and one of your results is "The Social Media Maven" then you'll want to link to something like "Check out our top tips for social media marketing" so that people can continue learning about how they can improve based on their quiz result. 

You can also use the CTA buttons to move people to the next step in your marketing funnel, whether that's a free consultation, download, or something else. 

Rule #5  Make your results share-able so more people share your quiz

In order to maximize how many people share your results, here's a short check-list to follow. 

  1. Make sure your social shares are going to look good. When people share your quiz results, it will be in the format "I Got (My Result)(Title of the Quiz)" so for example "I got Social Media Maven - What's Your Marketing Personality?" and it will also share the image from that particular quiz result. Make sure that all of your results are going to show up nicely in this format
  2. Add social share buttons in the right places. With interact, you can have social share buttons show up in different places on your quiz results. Add social share buttons in the right places to get the most shares. 
  3. Make sure all of your results are very positive. Positively worded results get shared more

Specific instructions for personality results setup

Specific instructions for multiple choice quiz results

Specifics instructions for Scored Results

Bonus options for quiz results.

Show multiple results

If you want to show people a breakdown of which result they got, you can check the option to "show multiple results" which will show people a graph breakdown like the one about about what percentage of each outcome they are. If you click on one of the results it will show the full description and everything. 

Redirect your results

Action Item: Module 3

Set up your 4-6 quiz results complete with images, descriptions and CTA buttons. Complete your quiz scoring setup so that your questions connect to your results.

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