Step 1: In the interact quick menu, select "Branding & Styling"

Step 2: Background color: usually just leave white

In the left grey sidebar, click on "background color" to select the color you want, I almost always just leave it white because the goal is to make your quiz look like it's part of your website and most websites have white backgrounds. 

Step 3: Font color: usually just leave black

Navigate to "Font Color" on the left grey sidebar and you can change the color of your quiz font, usually leave it black to match your website

Step 4: Change "take quiz" button color to match the other buttons on your website

Step 5: Change font type: match your website

Step 6: Add your logo (if you'd like to upgrade now)

Click on "Edit Image" under "Logo Image" 

Now upload your logo image 250px by 150px is recommended for the size of the logo

Now your logo is on your quiz!

Action item: Customize your quiz branding and styling to match your website

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