Now your quiz is embedded into a page on your website, so when people take it they'll be on your website and not somewhere else. The final step in getting your quiz to start generating leads and sales is to call attention to it by adding links to your quiz from your website. 

I'm going to go over 5 options for adding links to your quiz page, and you should choose at least one to implement to complete this course and start generating more leads from your website.

Option 1: As an announcement bar across the top of your site

Option 2: As a popup on your site

Option 3: As a scroll-triggered box

Option 4: As a blog sidebar widget

Option 5: On the home page with a button (sometimes advanced)

This is done within your site editor. You can add a menu item or call to action button on different places in your site. I've put a few examples below. Again this one is a bit advanced. 

Action item: Choose at least one of these options for drawing attention to your quiz from your website and set it up. 

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