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1. The "Which (Blank) are You?" title

This is the most common quiz title used among all customers at Interact, and it's a good one. The reason this quiz title works so well is that it promises to tell people something about themselves, which everyone likes. You can use this title template for pretty much anything, "What Type of Business Owner are You?" "What Type of Blogger are You?" or the hilarious one below. 

2. The "How Much Do You Know About (Some Subject)" title

This is a multiple choice style quiz that hooks people in because it's a challenge, and everyone loves a challenge. Instead of just making the quiz title something like "NFL Trivia Quiz" you make it "How Much Do You Actually Know About the NFL?" which draws people in because they want to find out how much they actually do know.

3. The "Tell Us About (Some Part of Your Life) and We'll Tell You (Something About Yourself) Title"

I love this one because it's a really fun twist on the traditional personality quiz. This title template basically says "tell us about one part of your life and we'll tell you about another part" which actually makes perfect sense, and when executed well like the example below it can be extremely compelling and fun. 

4. The "Do You What it Takes to Be (Something great)?" title

This one is another challenge but formatted differently. Instead of asking how much somebody knows about something it's more of a "Do you have what it takes..." title which challenges people to see if they have the chops to make it in an industry they want to be successful in. 

5. The "What (Something) Is Right For You?" title

This is a personality quiz set up to help you find the best path for you. It works really well in segmenting people to the perfect path that fits them as an individual and can be used really effectively for getting your prospects on the right track. 

Haven't made a quiz yet? Use interact quiz maker

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